About Me

Hi, I'm a native French speaker from the Caribbean island of Martinique.

Yes, they speak the same French there as in France. In fact Martinique is a department of France with very close commercial and political links.

I also lived in Reims, France for four years while working towards my degree in English Studies. Then I came to England to further improve my English.

I've now lived in England for over 10 years and still enjoy regular travel to visit friends and family in France and Martinique.

I've very much enjoyed studying the English language and culture myself and decided some years ago that I'd like to help others with their language studies too, so I got myself TEFL* qualified.

The TEFL is actually designed for people who want to teach English as a foreign language, but I've found the knowledge, skills and experience I gained to be very useful when teaching French to English speakers.

I'm also an affiliated member of the Institute for Learning, who provide opportunities for my continuing professional development as tutor.

As part of my ongoing development, I'm also currently preparing to achieve a PTLLS qualification with the local Adult Education centre, who employ me to run French evening classes.

I also teach French to children (from 5 years and upwards) via fun after-school clubs, where they play games and sing songs, learning French along the way.

*TEFL stands for "Teaching English as a Foreign Language" and is an internationally recognised language teaching qualification