Small Private French Classes - Daytime and Evening

Have fun and make new friends learning French in a small group of other students at your same learning level.

Don't worry about being out of your depth or having to speak up in front of a huge room full of students.

I limit my classes to 4, 5 or 6 students for three reasons:

  1. You'll feel more at ease,
  2. You'll get more personal help,
  3. You'll be better matched to fellow students, in terms of level, goals and learning style.

This means you'll be able to learn faster than you might in a larger class.

I'll take the time to fully understand your personal learning needs and preferred learning style and match you with a class that's perfect for you.

From absolute beginner to advanced level, whether you're looking for confidence in conversation or formal help with grammar, vocabulary and spelling, I'll find the group for you.

You can sign up for just one term at a time or get a special discount by booking a full year, so you you can get your third term at half price.

A term is 8 sessions of 2 hours each, delivered once per week over 8 weeks.

To make your learning fun, each term normally ends with an invitation for you to attend a French social event.

You'll find these events a great way to practice what you've learned in an authentic setting.

Pricing for Small Private French Classes (4, 5 or 6 students only)

Small Private French Classes cost under £10 per hour for a single term.

If you sign up for 3 terms at the same you'll get your third term at under £5 per hour

Full Year 48 Hour Course: £397 (24 sessions)

Single Term 16 Hour Course: £159 (8 sessions)

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