Fun French Clubs - Give Your Kids A Head Start

Do you have a child or children aged 5 to 11? Did you know that learning a second language can give them 10 secret advantages in life?

Well I'll tell you more about that in a moment. But first let me tell you about my Fun French Clubs which I run in and around the Bognor Regis area...

Each club session is 45 minutes of learning through talking, singing and play. Your child's confidence will be boosted, their vocabulary will grow, and you will be amazed at how fast they learn.

During a term of ten sessions, you will see your child progress through one of my fun learning levels. They get a Fun French Passport which tracks their progress and summarizes what they learned. And at the end of each term, your child gets a certificate of achievement to proudly hang on their wall.

They also get an Extra Fun Folder which you can use at home to cement your child's learning with further fun activities. They'll be able to do these on their own, but you can join in too, and see how they're getting on.

If your child decides to pick up French classes more formally later, they'll have already developed a good accent and confidence with using the language, verbally and in writing, as well as a grasp of French culture.

I know that some children can be a little nervous about new clubs. So, if you're unsure whether your child would enjoy my Fun French Clubs as much as the other children, then you're most welcome to visit as a guest for a trial session before you decide whether or not you'd like them to join.

When you sign your child up for a term you get:

  1. Ten 45 minute Fun French Club sessions.

  2. Weekly activities for their Extra Fun Folder.

  3. A Fun French Passport to summarize their progress.

  4. Their Certificate of Achievement for the level covered.

  5. ... and plenty of other treats, rewards and stickers along the way.

For all of this, the cost per child is just £52.50. And if you're signing up a sibling to the same club at the same time, then they'll just cost an extra £32.50 each. This is a wonderful investment in their future.

Click here to get in touch to enquire about joining an existing Fun French Club or starting a new one for your kids in your own home or in their school.

Why should you sign your child up for a Fun French Club?

Well, here's 10 secret advantages your child will gain by learning French from a young age.

Why do I call them "secrets"? Because most parents and guardians have no idea that it's not just about picking up a second language.

What I want to share with you here is about giving your child the opportunity to learn French in school, after school, or privately at home - alone, in pairs or in a small group of 4 to 6 kids.

At first glance you can probably relate to the obvious benefits like learning the foundation of some new skills that could open the way for greater opportunities later in life.

But there's also many other benefits your child will enjoy too, even if they never get to use the French later in life. So let's take a look:

  1. They'll have better opportunities to develop native pronunciation and intonation. They'll improve their general language skills, which means they'll improve their command of English too.

  2. They'll grow in personal confidence as they realise they can learn to do something that initially seems so "alien".

  3. They'll develop more creativity as they learn to experience familiar scenarios in a completely unusual way, i.e. via a new language.

  4. Their brain will develop new cognitive functions as it is challenged to grow in a completely different way from simply learning numbers, letters and shapes in a single language.

  5. Their brain will also become more flexible in the way that it approaches learning and problem solving in any area.

  6. They'll develop an early cultural awareness of people's differences, which is increasingly important nowadays.

  7. Their other learning will also benefit from their second language skill, even if learning the second language takes up time they would have spent on those other topics.

  8. They'll develop better listening and speaking skills, which will affect many areas of their life way beyond formal education.

  9. By experiencing fun with a second language early on, they'll approach language learning far more positively later in their schooling.

  10. Once a child has learned that they can learn a second language easily, third fourth and further languages become increasingly simple for them.

Just in case you think I'm being biased here, check out what others have had to say on this matter:

Click here to get in touch to enquire about joining an existing Fun French Club or starting a new one for your kids in your own home or in their school.